My First module :

Cms Advanced custom fields : here is the module


You can add unlimited custom fields (text, text area, link, images, and files) to each cms block and page with the dynamic rows UI.  You can choose the display order of each field including the native WYSIWYG.   You can add a class and level to each field, which enables the developer to create the structure of the initial stylesheet when creating the site. This enable the client to be more autonomous when re-publishing the content.   What makes your extension unique :

Often when we create the site, the client does not know how to make HTML/CSS. They do not want to touch WYSIWYG which includes HTML for fear of breaking everything. The client continues to ask that the management of pages and blocks be much easier. CMS Advanced Custom Fields was created to make it easier. With the principle of custom fields, the customer has to change the contents of the fields to update his page without changing the DOM structure of the page.



  • Simple & Intuitive, no need to know HTML for the site manager
  • Easy editing
  • Dynamic rows UI
  • Pages, blocks and widgets concerned
  • All basic field types: text, text area, images, files, and link.
  • You can choose order, class, tag, and position for each field.



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Cms Advanced custom fields

Step 1. Install module

  1. Download the module from Magento marketplace (like zip or tar.gz archive in “My Account” > “My Downloadable Products”)
  2. Login to your Magento 2.x Hosting site using FTP connection.
  3. Go to your root directory where Magento 2.x is installed. And go in the folder app/code/.
  4. In app/code folder, make a folder “Matritix“ and unzip inside the AdvancedCmsFields folder contained in the zip.
  5. Login to your Magento 2.x Hosting site using SSH connection (for details contact your hosting provider).
  6. After successful SSH login, using the command line (shell), open the Magento root directory where Magento 2.x is installed.
  7. Enter this command line :
    1. php bin/magento module:enable Matritix_AdvancedCmsFields
    2. php bin/magento setup:upgrade
    3. php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy (if you are in production mode)

The module is installed now!


Step 2. Extension usage

Go to your Magento 2 backoffice.

And go to Content > Page or Content > Block (depend what you want to do), now in the “Content” section under your native WYSIWYG you have a table (dynamic rows) where you can add unlimited fields and choose for each the type (text,textarea, link, images or files).

You can choose the order of each field, that determine the order of the display in the front office. In this field (order), bigger the number is, lower the field will be.

You can see here an old screenshoot example of additional fields:

and his display in front-office will be :

Nota bene : When you add a widget block, the advanced custom fields work too.

Step 3. Support module

If you have any ideas for updates or a native problem, please contact me at